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X-Factor #43 AU // Part Two [In progress]

It was too early in the morning. Despite the lack of sleep over the past few weeks, and the long over night ride, Shatterstar still only slept for a short time. It took him a few moments to fully remember where he was and why he was there, and once he did he could not help but grumble at the thought of it. So much stress and ridiculous drama had occurred earlier that morning, and he felt it would not get better despite what Theresa had said.

He rose from the bed soundlessly and redressed into his uniform, as it was all he had to wear. His weapons were securely in place, and he glanced at the mirror on the dresser just briefly before leaving the room. The usual silver-bright eyes were bloodshot from exhaustion, and his hair stuck up from sleep, but he did not bother to fix himself. There were more important matters at hand and no people to impress.

Theresa would probably still be awake, so he headed down the stairs and toward the kitchen to catch her.

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After X-Factor #43 Ends

"Dios mio!" Rictor shouted, skittering back. The sword had barely missed him, skewering his chair as he turned wide-eyed to face his attacker.


It had been a long time since he'd seen that particular face. It had been since the last time he drifted to sleep in their place in Mexico and woke up to a hastily scribbled note. He'd whited out most of it in his memory; something about not becoming domesticated. Not having a purpose here anymore that Rictor had basically written off as 'I'm tired of it here, so I'm gone. See ya.' He'd been crushed over it for a long time, and if he was honest with himself he was still crushed over it.

But fortunately Rictor had never been good at being honest with himself.

Swallowing thickly, he dampened his lips. "... 'Star?" He'd managed to get out again before having to roll across the floor, dodging another swinging blade.

"Guido? A little help here?" He shouted back to his friend who still lay stunned on the ground, just as surprised as Rictor had been.

"Huh? Oh, right!" Star was fast and agile, but Guido was big. Sometimes, size really did matter.